Thursday, January 16, 2014

Quick vegan lunch at work:
Quinoa with red bell peppers, onions & garlic
(I cooked it last night, 15 minutes),
salad with baby kale, chards & spinach with grape tomatoes
(all organic and from a Trader Joe's bag),
tofu (microwaved with garlic, rosemary & black pepper).

Vegan food can be easily done,
is super tasty, healthy, and so cheap!

lunch at work: quinoa, salad, tofu

My favorite part: NO animals were hurt,
I didn't have to use the kind of food that
has to be raised for months,
living in a tiny cage suffering, then slaughtered,
and transported in so many trucks back & forth,
the grains & veggies were cultivated, cooked and eaten,
they didn't have to circulate through a cow's or pork
body to transform into calories,
the rest of the ingredients too,
this is good for the animals! For they don't suffer
and they don't have to die!
it is good for the environment!
imagine all the water saved by using crops directly to eat
instead of feeding the grains to the animals!

and for my health! My cholesterol has dropped
dramatically and even if I eat a lot of vegan bakery items
and dark chocolate every night, I am loosing weight!

What are you waiting?
Go Vegan!