Monday, September 06, 2010

pre-Labor day burgers & the fading of the Summer

i have mostly cut red meat from my diet
but when Sunday night my friend perro & his lovely wife m (m&m)
invited me to have some hamburgers, knowing perro's dedication
and detail to food, i gladly accepted...

so may the cows and pigs forgive me but i ate one of these!
delicious grilled hamburgers made of grass-fed beef
with bacon, grated Gruyere cheese, spicy guacamole,
tomatoes, and served on his own baked kaiser rolls

all made from scratch!

delicious stuff! the finished product below, before i munched it down

now the 3 day weekend is coming to an end
and that melancholy that belongs to Sunday nights
now it's here on a Monday of Labor day
i am glad to have a job, but i would love a couple of extra days off

Labor day marks the end of the Summer
although we barely had a summer here in San Diego
only a handful of days it was hot, most days were cool and some nights
were very cold, i personally prefer cool temperatures
so i was delighted, but the absence of heat made the summer fade faster

today was unusually coldish, gray, and windy, it felt
like the Autumn and having had a Holiday
i ended up thinking of Christmas!!

and to celebrate the end of my summer
which is always wasted, a lovely song
A Summer Wasting by Belle & Sebastian
from one of my most listened albums The Boy with the Arab Strap

Summer in winter,
Winter in springtime,
You heard the birds sing:
Everything will be fine.

I spent the summer wasting,
The time was passed so easily.
But if the summer's wasted
How come that I could feel so free?
I spent the summer wasting,
The sky was blue beyond compare.
A photograph of myself
Is all I have to show for
~A Summer Wasting, Belle & Sebastian
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