Wednesday, October 25, 2006


as I arrived today from work (late)
I found my printed copy of WIRED magazine

I read on one sit this article
Battle of the New Atheism
on the always controversial theme of the existence of God
the article is brightly written by Gary Wolf
and exposes the ideas of, and as a starting point,
the newest hyper-rationalizers as Richard Dawkins
who has just published his book The God Delusion
(and who by the way, needs 'badly' a new web-site design, if you checked his site above, linked to his name, you'd know...)

the article is rather interesting!
it might start with the new atheists but it goes gradually through diverse religions and non-religious groups to capture points of view...

interesting to find this sort of articles on WIRED magazine

cruz de lejos y una mosca por accidente
sombras también...

Ps. and probably worth to mention that I am not an atheist... more on the agnostic side, in any case, raised 'hardcore' catholic but not professing formaly (sinner, you might read heh heh)
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