Tuesday, October 17, 2006

new guinea singing dog

I saw this lovely wild dog on the TV morning news
couldn't resist to tape it!
oh but sadly after uploading to youtube
I realized that the sound is desynchronized!
if you still want to watch, please click play, the pooch is extremely cute!

more on this breed
according to
New Guinea Singing Dog Conservation Society

"The NGSD has several unique vocalizations. The howl they are named for is similar to a wolf howl with overtones of whale song.When in a group, one animal starts and then others join on different pitches, each with its own unique voice. Some NGSD vocalizations resemble birdcalls. They also whine, yelp, bark ( a short "woof" like that of a wolf) and scream ( a drawn-out yelp)." -NGSDCS

some of their vocalizations on a link to a .wav file
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