Thursday, October 12, 2006

yes, panic attack and pizza

and a beer (new castle so it was good while it lasted)
and frustration
and i feel like a quirky old woman
and i am one!
and neurotic!
and every day seems harder
to socialize with live people
or with people

and people think i am nice
and i am simple
and i just wish many days
many nights
that i could disappear from my own existence

i had 2 cats once
but i changed countries
i had a dog once but she died

i had 2 beta fishes, same luck
now i am allergic to most pets
and to most company
as tonight has been felt

i just can't stop thinking of that
conversation with alex & lisa...

if humans (me included) could be less self-centered
and more educated, not educated as much as in "knowledge"
but in the kind of knowledge that teachs you how to be respectul
and tolerant, that kind of education

so as i resumed on the drunk conversation
the biggest problems of humanity:
ignorance and too much self-importance

some nights like tonight
i wish i could live alone in the woods
no escaping

stressed? no!
just freaking pure human crazy frustration
a diary of a miss-communication
or too much writing?
i wish i could get rid of this feeling
not sure where it came from...
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