Monday, October 09, 2006


kraftwerk as September of 1975
the earlier stages of their machine music
autobahn (for those restless German drivers)
watch this great and very informative cool little video

I have been a Kraftwerk fan for over 10 years since the early 90's
so it was a full-filled dream to see them at the Hollywood Bowl last year
they were a neat piece of machinery music
the graphics, videos and visual experiments they projected on giant screens
were stunning, it was all visual perfection
songs like Tour de France and Numbers were unforgettable pieces of performance
not to mention Robots, (i highly recommend this link) that where 4 robots replaceing the members of the band
And as the band recall themselves: "Sometimes after the concerts people come backstage more to see the 4 robots than ourselves..."

here as I saw them in 2005 at the Hollywood Bowl in L.A.
as you can see, they did dropped the keyboards and created a new genre
they are the Godfathers of Electronic music, indeed
let's see if you resist to dance to their
Perception Mechanic...

I think my favorite Kraftwerk song is Spacelab from The Man Machine
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