Wednesday, October 18, 2006

driving forward, dreaming backwards

driving forward
dreaming backwards
watching through rearview mirrors
an instance of time

there are moments in life
when you are completely alone
mind & body-wise
no friends
no love
no family

not in the distance
not in the mind

alone with yourself
the creative process starts…
& now, you know who you really are

i was just startled by the visual outcome
that your persona brings out!

i was always a lonely child
solitude of a woman
a split second
and here i am, 37 years later
the same nucleus notion of when i was 11 or 12
and somehow i am not surprised

one never really changes
a blessing?
a nuisance?
if you like who you are

i don’t like myself much
but i am glad i am
as in existence
here, in the experiment of life
for better for worse
just hope it doesn’t
in my face
explodes! ha

at you, i smile
and ask
where you a shy or loud child?
did you get good grades? or bad ones?
did your parents have to scold you?
or you did all your homework alright!?
one day i hope to tell me
with a smile

blank blank blank
type type type
got fill out all the blank spaces out
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