Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Almonds Are Not The Problem, Eating Animals Is

This is the latest graphic I designed with Lorelei's research
for our grassroots campaign Truth or Drought
where we make the connection between animal agriculture
and the California (and world-wide) droughts
The meat and dairy industry have created a campaign
to vilify almonds, calling them the #1 water consumers...
but of course almonds are NOT the problem
Animal Agriculture is... there are several articles online
where you can check these numbers.
And our sources are clear...

And from an ethical point of view, remember
almonds don't suffer when separated from their mothers
so humans can drink their milk (my homemade almond milk)
nor they suffer for years while living in horrible factory farms
nor scream in agony & pain when being slaughtered

So eat almonds, they are good for you,
drink almond milk, almond ice-cream,
have an Amaretto, but please
Do Not Eat Animals or their secretions
that is what is destroying the planet,
and killing billions of innocent beings.

There are some things money can't buy (like water when it's gone).
For everything else, there's veganism.
Meme for Truth or Drought

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