Wednesday, November 25, 2009

gatito, cd design

finally been free from work for a couple of days
i thought i would be chronologicalizing the stupidity
more often but even when free, i manage to be busy
i've been designing the cd cover for my
friend's Perro album, coming soon!
as soon as he releases it to the world
i will post the graphics and of course tunes here
if perro's permissions granted...

also, kept me away from the www
this lovely kitty, homeless, who arrived
to my house, not sure when, but for a couple
of weeks, i've been getting glimpses of him
sneaking to eat the outdoor cats food
from under my neighbor's house
i suspect he was sleeping there for a little while now
i would only see him very early or very late at night
around the time the skunks take over the little yard
and while herr Gato, frau Kitty, and myself are sleeping inside

and finally last Tuesday he came closer
and became less shy
then i realized he is really young!
a 6 or 7 month old kitten
not neutered and obviously homeless
so i made friends with him
he soon became very friendly and a little wild
as the nights were turning cold in San Diego
i conditioned the laundry room, as i did long ago
with HG and FK, with a heather, and rug and a towel
and left the kitty there locked at night, with litter box
food, and water, the first night i checked on him
3 hours later after locked
i found him on his little improvised bed
purring, happy rolling belly up, and when he saw me
went happy to eat and drink more, and used the litter box
right away... this has to be the friendliest kitten and most
fast to learn, with such a relaxed attitude
not always a threat in a homeless cats
amazingly, herr Gato and frau Kitty were totally fine
with him hanging out around, unless he came into the house
and endlessly wanting to play....

Gatito sneaking under my laptop to nap

on Friday i took him to the vet
gave him vaccines and made a flyer
to find him a home, as lovely as he is
it's a burden to get yet another cat...

the veterinary and all the nurses were
in love with him, he's a gorgeous and very friendly
silver Tabby young cat

after giving away flyers, finally a girl who is
friend of a friend at school, called...

by now, mister Kitty has a home!
and i am done with my friend's CD graphics
and it's Thanksgiving!

i feel for the 1st time in 2009

i have another 4 days to do NOTHING
before going back to work

of course, i am supposed to be designing
my website, assignment for my class
and sure, i am supposed to be doing many things
but instead, i just babble here
and plan to finish today, reading for pleasure
i am missing finishing The Awakening
that started many months ago and interrupted
and this weekend should be a reading-being lazy
for pleasure one... finally!
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