Monday, October 12, 2015

Get Vegucated, Go Vegan

#ForksOverKnives #Vegucated
This weekend I was trapped at home not feeling so great
It was almost a 100° F outside and very dry.
Dry heat gives me migraines, so I stayed in, closed blinds.
My companions weren't that thrilled either.
Frau Kitty slept a lot on a position that clearly stated
Please, Do Not Disturb.
Frau Kitty says: Do not disturb...
Being inside I had time to re-watch these influential
documentaries, I recommend everybody to watch.
I watch them at the beginning of my vegan lifestyle journey
Forks Over Knives, is packed with rational information
on why we are much better off health-wise on eating
an whole plant based diet (a good link for starters).
How all the sickness that is brought to our bodies
when eat animals makes this way of eating a bad choice

My favorite documentary is still Vegucated

because this film is what actually offered to me a door
into becoming a vegan... the film follows 3 people
from New York City into the challenge of becoming vegan
for 6 weeks... I really appreciate that this documentary
offers a view into the horrible conditions on how
animals for food 'live' and the terrifying deaths they suffer,
it also takes a look at the environmental disaster
that is the meat industry, and talks about health too.

Vegucated is a 'lighter' version of many other vegan documentaries
and the fact that follows every-day people from different
backgrounds and different daily lives makes it
very easy to relate to, as the time-frame of the challenge

So it was about 3 years ago, after watching Vegucated
that I decided to take the 'challenge'
I never ate too much meat or animal products
but of course I had some parmegian cheese at home
and some eggs... I ate the little cheese left
and after a couple of days threw away the eggs,
and then I didn't buy any more animal products,
when going to restaurants I started choosing
vegan options, and luckily we have so many
vegan restaurants in San Diego...
I still clearly remember the 1st time I willingfully
deny the offer to eat a hamburger at a friend's bbq
and the first time I said no to a b-day cake at the office
that had eggs and cream...

My transition wasn't painful at all!
Right away I found so many food substitutes
from vegan hotdogs, to veggie burgers, to 'chick'n'
in many flavors and styles, it does taste like chicken!
My migraines became less frequent and less strong
I lost some weight, and my mind and soul felt lighter, clearer
happier!! Is like I got rid of this weight over my shoulders!
My asthma improved and my hormonal status too.
It was been about 3 years of me ditching animals
and I cannot think of ever eating or wearing an animal ever again.
Vegan Super Italian Meatball Sub with Sausage Seitan from Native Foods Cafe
My only regret regarding veganism is not having done it sooner
in life! Live a wonderful healthier guilt-free compassionate life
Go Vegan, try it for a couple of weeks, or months.
I am sure you will never go back to eat animals
(as a piece of advice, if you ever eat a piece of animal
don't blame yourself and go back to eating vegan,
also indulge in vegan treats when needed... I remember
at the beginning of my vegan journey craving hamburgers
so I just bought veggie burgers instead with a good dose
of french fries and ketchup, maybe not so healthy
but at least I wasn't hurting an animal or our planet,
confession: I still indulge in a lot of processed food
now & then, vegan junk food, but I do love food
vegan food that is, and all you eat, you can find a vegan version of)

Great article:
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