Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Bernie and Hillary

I am NOT into politics,
because I think most politicians are crooks
& that the political system is controlled by a few rich people
but then Bernie Sanders appeared,
and suddenly, there is hope...
I watched the Democratic debate last night
against my better judgement,
but then again I am a registered Democrat
and I am ready for Hillary Clinton to be our next president
or even better... Bernie Sanders, I am really liking this man!
Bernie Sanders on him not being a billionaire and not
part of the Casino Capitalism, please watch this!
My favorite parts of this debate (thank you YouTube)
Hillary on paid-leave, women's rights, & Planned Parenthood
(thank you for mentioning Planned Parenthood Hillary!)
A must watch!
And the political Gato, Herr Gato, makes a comeback,
he meows: is OK to vote this time, but only for Bernie or Hillary
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