Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Morrissey in Ecuador

Busy days
hectic days
a doctor's appointment today
will determine if the knife will get to my belly
or not... pondering, will it be a deep cut?
smiler with knife?

I wish, if I could
transport myself to Ecuador
to see beloved Morrissey
on that November 7th
to his sentences of humanity, of love, and un-love
and to dream to the sound of his voice (his voice)
of planet with NO pain
where animals are NOT on plates
and there is no sickness, and just joy.

Public transportation in Ecuador, taken from true-to-you.net
A dusty public bus in Ecuador, even there, Morrissey's name, face, and voice, brings hope.
addendum from twitter:
300ep of grand podcast @ourhenhouse vegan mom my vegan 6-year-old son favorite song's #MeatIsMurder & ♥'s #Morrissey
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