Friday, October 09, 2015

No more captive breeding for orcas at SeaWorld

#SeaWorld #NoBreeding #CaptivityKills
Yesterday (10/8/15) the California Coastal Commission
had a 10 hour meeting with SeaWorld, pro-SeaWorld public
and concerned animals rights activists.
SeaWorld was asking approval to build a bigger tank
for the orcas held captive in San Diego, project Blue World
this apparently sounds like a good thing for the orcas.
But what SeaWorld really wanted was to get this bigger tank
full with MORE orcas, that they will get by keep on breeding
the orcas they already captured or bred before...

After 10 long hours of the CCC listening to both sides,
hundreds of testimonies from scientists and concerned public
for the welfare of the orcas, the CCC decided to Yes to the project
but with a major 'catch' (amendment):
SeaWorld can build their bigger tank, but will NOT be allowed
to house more than the 11 orcas already living in SeaWorld San Diego
nor they will be able to breed them or to bring orcas from other parks!

California Tells SeaWorld to Stop Breeding Killer Whales

This is a victory for orcas, since this will stop the artificial insemination
program, they way orcas are bred in SW, and won't allow more
of these majestic animals to be born to miserable conditions
and to spend their entire lives in tanks.

More news here

Pleases sign this important petition:
Let’s End the Captivity of Orcas in California!

I wasn't able to attend the meeting in Long Beach because of work
but many of my dear friends animals rights activists were there!
And lovely Pamela Anderson, great animal rights activist & vegan
Hundreds of compassionate activists speaking for the end of captivity for orcas at SW
Pamela Anderson and Ellen Ericksen (organizes SW protests in SD) other activists before the meeting
Genesis, this girl fights for animals since she was 5 years old! Read her story.
Martha Sullivan, great activist in San Diego and friend
Joseph Moreno, another kid that knows compassion from an early age.
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