Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Stone In

[click on the poster to see in detail the art]

i guess is a little late to promote
last night's gig in Vancouver of Stone In
but at least i can share the wonderful
powered on psychedelia poster that
mister Al aka Ground Control aka Beto
who writes the Moloko Vellocet blog
created here for his own band
as said before i feel
and not mistakenly, that Ground Control is the
best graphic designer i've ever met
and the best drummer too!!!

since i've met him back in Mexico city
many years ago when we both worked
for the Hard Rock Cafe Mexico
designing t-shirts and other merchandising goodies
i was amazed by his talent as a designer

i remember when we first met
i felt threatened by his talent
he was one of two graphic designers
that my newer boss hired to sort of replace me!
i hated the guy at first... and he was so nice and preppy looking too!
but little did i know about him, hidden behind that innocent
good-looking face was the true spirit of a hard rocker
a Zappa fan to the bones, and really into good hard rock music

after hating him for a couple of days, i saw on his desk
a copy of Soundgarden's Badmotorfinger
wow! that is one of my favorite grunge albums of all times
so i thought, well, he might get my job but at least he has
good musical taste, little did i know again...
we started chatting over Soundgarden, and next minute
he told me about him being a drummer, his musical taste
so similar to mine, and we talked over design and life
and about his beautiful girlfriend, now wife,
Gaby being an industrial designer like me, etc. and
i knew a friendship would be coming next...
regardless of annoying work threats...

we happily worked together for a couple of years!
and i OWE him MANY of the design and
photoshop tricks i know!
i remember very well, he was the one who
explained me about the Feather tool on the Selection
on Photoshop, a tool I use most days since then

now he lives in Vancouver with his beautiful wife
and works successfully as a graphic designer
(the poster is just a sample of his work)
and after alternating with bands over the years
is working in his newestestestestest project
Stone In! he's the drums and another guy the guitar
visit the site for some sample of their
(love the graphics of his site too! very suitable
with their heavy trippy drippy music)

i am so thankful for having such talented friends!
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