Monday, July 13, 2009

me, the '09 summer version

this was me

with what-it-seemed-my-eternal long hair
as July 03, 2009
that's when i took these photos

and then
i went all FUN and chopped it all off!
yaaay! it felt great!!
liberating, like a feminist
burning a bra!

this affair of the long hair
was sort of new for me anyway
while living in Mexico city
i never wore my hair longer than my shoulders
and i had a couple of times with very short hair

while living in San Diego
i have let my grown longer a couple of times
my hair was even longer than on this photo
a couple of months ago
it almost reached my waist
but since then i have cut it a couple of times

so here my hair, extended was about
15' = 38 cms.
my hairdresser kept it and it's going
to make a wig with it for cancer patients
here so many bottles of shampoo
so many brush strokes, pony tails,
caresses, and pulls...

it's been 10 days since i've had
this my new short summer hair
and i love it!!
i don't really care if i look better or worse
but i just feel 'cleaner'
i haven't regret to cut it off a single time

i didn't know what to do with the long hair
anymore, anyway, at night specially,
sometimes i feel i look a bit nerdy
but after all i've always been more of a
dorky girl with shorter hair
than a long-haired diva
i do feel more myself with this shorter hair
i feel fresh, lighter, and some
air seems to filter through the scalp 'cause
no headaches either lately, hmmm mmmm...
interesting... & here more silly happy face

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