Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sommerwochenende '09

Balboa Park

ein Sommerwochenende
a summer weekend
un fin de semana de verano

Sonntag im Park
Sunday at the Park
Domingo en el Parque

visited the MOPA exhibition of
Ansel Adams: A Life’s Work
real prints, breathtaking!
i knew of Ansel's talent
but never seen before his real prints

Freitag in der Soda Bar
Friday at the Soda Bar
Viernes en el Soda Bar

Soda Bar, dive bar and music scene very close to my house

went to see this band
i met them!
but didn't hear them play...

my friend Perro came along, with his new Icelandic cap

instead i saw these guys, BRAAIINS!!
they were noise and not so good
mostly bad, but it's i like the picture


another summery weekend of this zero nine
as the shaved ice in mouth, has melted away in time
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