Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Arrive home early
Turn on TV


Pain, anxiety, murder, chaos, war

Strange how all these are just words
And strange how encapsulated seem to be the feelings they seems to represent
Maybe it is the format
Those 3-minute quick notes from the press
3 minutes they have to depict a family’s tragedy
or the agony of a whole nation…

They (the news on TV, everywhere for that matter…)
sound so encrypted, so regulated
analyzed for a human fast digestion in the head

And as I think of each of the meaning of those words
I feel as I almost can’t take it

Pain, just 4 letters
To express all that it involves
Remember the last time you suffered “pain”?
No matter if physical or emotional
Of the body or the soul or the brain
It didn’t feel like something you could encapsulate in 4 letters, right?
It probably felt like an empty endless hole
Or like an overwhelming sensation that sometimes doesn’t let you breath
But nothing like just 4 lettered feeling

We human have these entities, the words
And as mister monk would said…
They are a blessing, they are a curse

One of my favorite authors of all times
Argentinean Julio Cortázar used to call them
Perras Negras – black bitches
That jump along a page

So I leave mine here today
Just more words
humanly encapsulated resources
to express to you
my feeling about them


i started my 5 day detox diet
i haven't eat any solids today...
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