Tuesday, June 05, 2007

oneiric oscar

today was one of those very strange days
a bit of neurosis in the morning
a dash of paranoia around noon

i still have these strange dreams
borderline nightmares
of missing planes
of missing clothes
of missing my own life's plot!
what am i supposed to do next?
in general, i mean...

many days have like an embed script to them
an outline defined by your activities
you wake up, you go to work, you eat
(some days better, some days worse)
you come back home... you sleep
you smile if necessary
you'll frow in case of discontent
just as we all do every day
and then again... & again
& again...

but also there are days with no plot
with no script to follow
the pseudo-free time that this western culture
has provided us with the fake name of freedom!
that's what i feel sort of defines you
that's what i am afraid to loose in my nightmares
don't want to loose my own dialogues!
i feel unaffected by my own photos today
and i don't have a grasp of sense of my own art anymore
but i just haven't written them in so long!
no ideas no plans no artistic perspective
just work
i am afraid is when i feel lost
and when i start "nightmarish"
as i have been nightmarishing the past 3 days
every night a different nightmare
but today after all
there was a nice twist at the end of the day!
maybe the lapse is over...
to finish what i hope is the last troubled day
my favorite t-shirt for pajama!
oh Oscar!
i hope you scare these oneiric visits
of terror
and lucid bad dreams away...

i guess you are in real trouble
when you ask a Sesame Street character
some nightmare surveillance and for
some personal oneiric help... ha!
of course i am an expert on self-sarcasm
as well...

i am glad we are out!
and here in again...
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