Saturday, June 16, 2007


as they night rolls in
i feel a bit more vulnerable

nights like tonight
i feel a little lonely
and melancholic

i am not sure why
or how my life has developed
but at this point
i am still lonely
after all these years

and tonight
as i feel a bit sad
i wish that beloved person
was closer... but the one that i think
that could be the one, that could comfort my heart
is so far from here...

oh if you could just call
out of the blue, in an spontaneous way
just to hear your voice...

i wish i had a warm arm
around me while i watch silly TV
somebody to smile at
and a warm shoulder to rest my head on
on this quiet time

i miss that complete friend that loves me too
closer here... by my side

tonight i feel a little common
just another woman lost
on the big World Wide Web
trying to find a refugee for all these lost feelings
just another woman
trying to reach for love
how many of us out there!
asking for attention, for some care...

little video of a beautiful song
with pink floyd and billy corgan
a unique reunion
on the bright side
i finished my cleaning diet!
thank you very much!
you my friends that supported me through this
with comments and nice words
i feel better knowing that i made it!
now to keep on eating light for a week
and hopefully eating healthier now
for the rest of my little lonely life
& one day, it won't be lonely anymore
i hope
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