Friday, February 16, 2007

mi amigo: the grasshopper

this grasshopper

lives in my front little patio
for a while now
probably over a month
i see him mostly on the weekends
on that big palm
and when i water the plants, he jumps
by the chair or besides the palm
and waits until i am done watering
as i close the water hose... he jumps right away back
to his house the big green palm
i am sure it is the same grasshopper because
every time i see him
it is a little bigger...
my aunt said she saw him too
a strange & neat keeper to my front door
mi amigo the grasshopper
i must confess , i look forward seeing him on the weekends
he eats parts of the palm
sometimes, when i don't see him
i check the palm, if there's a hole in it
is that mister grasshopper had already his lunch

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