Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Wake Up, Sir!

here an excerpt from Wake Up, Sir!

"I just wanted to say that I think the word I is the saddest word in the English language. To me it means failure, disappointment, heartbreak, and death. Nothing good comes of being an 'I.' Know what the saddest word in French is? Je. . . . I don't know any other words for I. Wait, yo is I in Spanish. But yo doesn't sound sad. Maybe that's why Latins are in a good mood most of the time. Ich is the German one. My grasp of foreign tongues is better than I thought. Ich sounds like they're disgusted with themselves. Maybe that's why Germans are so insane. They do seem to be better lately, though. I don't think they'll give the world trouble again, but you never know. . . . Almost all peoples have a dark period, though theirs was very dark. America is in dark period right now, since we're leading the way in boiling the oceans and killing everything.

...Even the Scandinavians, who are sort of perfect—clean streets, good health-care, active sex lives—had a dark period, a brief Viking phase, but since then they've been very well behaved."

To which Jeeves responds, "A walk, sir?"

end of excerpt

now Jeeves is the butler, personal valet of a young writer from New Jersey... a butler in New Jersey? well, that's when the fun starts...

this was a deliciously sarcastic and funny book by Brooklyn author Jonathan Ames, I finished a couple of weeks ago, and I laugh and I laugh and I laugh... Ames style reminds me a lot of David Sedaris, another one of my selected authors...
Oh if I could find more books like these!

No regrets on any time spent reading any of these guys
enjoy! & please if you are either American, French, German, or Scandinavian for that matter, please don't take it personal, this was just a passage I got online without having to type...

today is day 2 of the diet, still all going well
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