Thursday, June 14, 2007

savon de france

since i was a little girl
i have had a special interest for soap bars
there's something about soap bars
their smell, the little rituals of cleaning,
beauty, and personal care that they represent...

i was so much into soaps that i even wrote a little tale about soaps in spanish!
i am trying to find it...
i use to spend much time in the market
smelling different soaps
brands from all over the world
what a pleasure to see the labels
printed in different colors and styles!

labels of foreigner products
specially soaps, are another one of my delights

these busy days, among many things to do
sometimes i forget my little affections of other days
the little pleasures that i find in small things

i am not the kind of woman that likes expensive things
not at all! on the contrary i despise too expensive products

i truly appreciate small things
like a nice soap bar, a cup of good tea
chatting with a good friend in a public park
or waking on a sunny side-walk
has much more meaning to me
than expensive things...
i don't really like very expensive or sophisticated soaps
nor exotic liquid shampoos
just regular brands, but oh what a joy to see soap bars from other countries!
also hand-made soaps are beautiful
i found a very lovely store in Old Julian

today, as i finished my 3rd day of internal cleaning
i went to the store to get an exfoliating soap
since i read that is good to exfoliate your skin while getting rid of toxins

i found this lovely and chunky bar from France!
it is a marvelous combination of the basic elements for a good skin health:
oatmeal, ginger, and almond

it was a pleasure to let the soap bar run all over my skin
oh! what a precious sensation and fragrance

so this night, i feel fresh & nicely soft & clean
and not just outside but inside too
and my skin is softer
oh what a luscious feeling...
i feel 'lighter' and a big hungry but happy to finish another successful day of cleaning myself
inside & out, i almost feel like a cat, a playful one! heh heh
meow ;)

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