Thursday, June 21, 2007

the longest day of the year

and so it was..
june 21st, the summer solstice
the longest day of the year
the earliest sunrise
at the north pole: 24hrs of sun!
at the south pole: a timeless night
for 24 hours was black

and in the middle of the land, 12 hrs
equal time
of day and of night
like a chocolate & cheese pie

the summer is officially here!

and to honor not the summer season
but this specific summer of mine
vivaldi's summer – but the 3rd movement
the presto! the stimulating! the exhilarating one!
although in this movement antonio
makes allusion to a storm
the power of this season
is what i try to call upon
my summer foretells
will be a wave of the sea
that leaves and comes back
bringing a refreshing splash of water
hidden in somebody's expected smile

this lovely summer anticipation!
that feeds me now & then with secret little smiles
and to perform the selected piece
who better than glitzy nigel kennedy?
another of his controversial performances
(and check out the English Chamber Orchestra wearing allusive sunglasses)

ah! not the summer but this summer…
my days are clear, while you dream at night
in the other side of the world
you wake up and in my head
i kiss your forehead, good-night
this summer won't be just mine...

ps. also happy b-day today to a dear friend!
another superb photographer!
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