Sunday, August 06, 2006

mi tía margarita

mi aunt margarita arrived to day from México!!!
to visit me for a couple of days
it seems that this is my summer of mexican relatives/visitors

she brought in her suitcases just FOOD, delicious typical mexican 'comida'
yes! barely some clothes, since she's planning to shop here

so here suitcase was sort of a mistery for the customs people
"So you said you brought tamales?", they asked her...
and "Cheese for your niece?" (that would me)

"and Calabaza?, since we dont' know how to tax that go ahead..."
the officer said, not wishing he could keep some of the food he smell

so straight from autlán, méxico
a shipment that is gold for me!

tortillas raspadas para tostadas, tamales, dulce de calabaza y quesos panela

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