Friday, August 25, 2006

notes in a purse/snakes on a plane

I keep on finding random “philosophical” notes in my purse

I write them in pieces of paper at random times too
Randomness rules my purse space
I keep them sometimes, other many times they end in the closest trash can
My trash-can literature heh heh

This one below was written during a conference at work
On the value of education
Apparently I wasn’t paying much attention
Because was writing this

Why is education important?
To tame the devils of your own
To forget the doom of war of killing each other
& to preserve the good quality of a soul
To don’t, again, fall

and that’s why tonight, still worrying on miss-education
With another 2 nerd friends
I am going to a higher education class
To watch the very-awaited
Snakes on a plane

i truly enjoy art film more but tonight i just play dumb
not that is that hard...

And I am sure is such an idiot Americanization
But hopefully laughable out of so much stupidity
What a freaking title!

here some of hype links

Well there was a movie also on snakes back on 1973
Called Ssssssssss
What could be worse than that…

well, and now that i read all those things on snakes
and cheesyness, i might just stay at home and read my book
as usually do on friday nights

too many snakes now...
randomness jumping out of the purse to my little brain
hello! :)

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