Friday, August 11, 2006

an unknown face

same skylight
same sleepy cat
that is not mine

a soul to excavate
if not ‘cause of the similarity i know i were assembling
would not differentiate between comparison and déjà vu
these strange days

head ache now gone
was i really much happier those green belly days?
waiting for a well-known face
back then?
or the expectations to wait will bring happiness again?

so strangely superfluous your velocities and mine
wish had even slower time
like in mailed letters
like in mailed loves
the ones that haven’t happened yet

not all slow that is left is my own
dying slow, feeling into the soul
living waiting
living without hesitation
without love
without knowing your face

analyzing every second
while it is gone

and you an unknown face
unknown yet soul
so far across continents unheard of
the same window
the same cat, still not mine

and every second you more afar
seem to be as goes another night
another day

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