Sunday, August 27, 2006

hollywood bowl: cancelled! (for me at least)

i was supposed to be here today
hollywood bowl, los angeles, california

the line up was, is (please check their sites, amazing musicians all)

gotan project
josé gonzalez
matthew herbert

and admirable DJ from Santa Monica's independent radio station KCRW (thanks to this radio station for existing!!) Jason Bentley will be the host

i can't believe i am missing zero7, gotta be really lazy...

i cancelled out of being a little out of it
still tired and knowing i have a tough week
catalog designing, short but every-day meetings

but now that i read the line-up again
i am jealous
i had a ticket and let it go...

this is how you do it at the bowl
eating & drinking in a set of 4 box seat
before and during the show (ah sigh)

yet 2 hrs car drive to Los Angeles
with Los Angeles traffic
and the idea of coming back home
around 2 am after the show
made it call it off...

here some of the participants of the past hollywood bowl adventures
and how they finish after the show...
san diego i stay here
to watch more kolibri
rest, laundromat, books
and maybe later tonight some more...

sunday domingo sonntag ;)

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