Tuesday, August 01, 2006

sidewalks under construction

A man is building a little road
That road will serve many other men to walk on

While that man is building the road
He thinks of the benefit his work will bring

Yet one day, once the road is finished
He won’t have anything else to pass his seconds every day
Since the road is already built

Now is the job of the men walking that road?
To know what their walking through will be beneficial to…

This is not a religious parabola or anything like that
I just think of how I spent every second of my day
Some of my seconds are spent building something that I will use later
Some are spent in using those things I built before

At the end of the day
I just have seconds spent
I guess that is life
Spending the seconds in a ‘proper’ way…

Life’s passing
As I type
As you read…
As we breath
in and out...

I wish I could be in love one day again
With an unknown man that cares
For some of my seconds share
and for watching with me the crows cry

love is a good way to pass your life around
art such as... works also dignifies
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