Monday, August 28, 2006

monday monday

my t-shirt
½ bleach chlorine
½ soap softener

but both
halfs are a whole
very strong!!
I changed the working clothes

But the t-shirt
of now
They all, smell the same

Happy half
the other one

A bifurcate
A matter of freaking bifurcated smell!

Dunno if I like it or not

the fotos are from March 30, 2005

Mission bay area, i just have had my camera for 4 months

That’s the case…

I think I am just basically
Pissed (La donna è mobile, for more see Giuseppe Verdi)

When you feel saying
Diciendo suave letra por letra

Like that ( i wonder if i can post bad words? i will see now...)

I think is the knee
Heating pad all day
Then de-frosted my dinner there
Ice freaking agrrrr therapy should read

I tried to walk faster
And damn…

It sucks
So I am pissed (la donna e still freaking and more and more mobile)

The clothes…

After all
The clothes
Smell very nice

A tom waits without beer-sucks
Listening night
Tom waits
Most definitively fucking so…
What I need

Good night

Here some boats

From a long ago when my little canon seemed like enough

a long ago is not
3.2 megapixels and ah sigh

I need a new camera too…
who could be like steve austin/lee majors
a bionic knee
and a bionic camera like...

complain complain complain
Monday night

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