Monday, April 17, 2006


we have been unnerved
we have been terrified
blood is everywhere
we have been sent in a war

we have been found
for a day
and again, lost

we have been feared
desired, and loved
forgotten? don’t know

we have been healthy
and radiant
so happy and we smiled
we have been sick
and we have felt gone

our decisions are our friends
our choices, enemies became
who is who?
some here, some long gone
hidding in the night
didn't hear the farewell

the woods
omnipresence of nature
primigenous custody

the city
of human
a violent proclamation
civil degradation

fight their war?
or fight your own?

can you help?
gluing out
your voice
your images
your words?
screaming to stop?

or just your ego? yourself?
is to show?
the fake peace as
of the once-a-day-charity
extended hand
i got

can you help? then?
dying in the woods
in peace, alone?
quiet and mute
undisturbing undisturbed?

letting the violence wash out
down the drain of your soul

searching every day
every night
here again we go

while a tree falls down afar
the echo collapses
into an assault a fire a gun

both dead both gone

as we didn't know since before...

yet just an instance of love
all that can save you
now and then

no art
no philosophy
no war

just a peep of unreasonable devotion
just a second of love
of any kind of any sort

-My name is Nobody
-Excuse me?
-My name is Xebeche. He who talks loud, saying nothing
.dead man, jim jarmusch
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