Monday, April 03, 2006

funny thing this netscape

yes the version of netscape 8.0.4 (based on firefox)
has this little feature that is making my life way easier, since you can either display the same page as you'd see in either firefox or explorer, just by clicking on this little arrow

i am a silly designer dealing with CSS standards for an application, if i get my application displaying OK for firefox and explorer i am all set (albeit my boss' opinions -read barking) since those are the 2 browsers people are most used to

this function of netscape saves me couple of minutes per hour, since i don't have to open the damn URLs in both browsers, i can just check in Netscape and voilà! with the selection of a checkmark i am all done

now there's many little issues and tricks for optimal CSS-ing, some really stupid like that fact that explorer can't read "mid" numbers in some basic stuff like the height of an area, if you have 176 px it is going to round-it to 180 px, on the other hand, firefox is better with details like that, but, hey what am i going to do? kill all of the explorer users? or force them into changing to firefox? i don't even have myself a decent browser at home, i deal with a imac g3 with explorer 5.1 for mac and mozilla, i can barely check my bank account at home, and to post photos at 23 i have to do one by one, therefore i don't, oh and by the way my finder for mac os 9.1 doesn't not support my canon camera so i can't even download the damn photos

so i understand, even if i am a web designer, what is to be in the oldest of the techy's, if an application runs in my computer, believe me, then it means that a neandearthal man can gett it started with probably a few rocks and stickies...

ok but back to the style sheets...

i rather fix my graphics to display OK on both browsers even though we as designers know the big difference between 1 or 2 pixels but i guess that's the trick but standardization and globalization or while working at a non-profit (like the san diego blood bank) where with few resources you got make things pretty (like the blood bank newsletter printed in just 2 colors) or here, where i have to standardize a look that will display OK no matter how outdated or hyper-ultimate is your freaking browser

it is easy to design for all-tools-users but we gotta remember there's people without so much technological resources out there and they are still mean to enjoy of our applications

voilà, i am glad the weekend is over, not 'cause i love to work
but because at home i have that crippled computer that doesn't let me

ha! monday intentions

a great resource for CSS in advanced styles and other tricky tricks please check this amazing website A List Apart

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