Tuesday, April 04, 2006

ken, stoned at 9.50 (leo gregory was superbly stoned)

last friday night
i realized i had 10 minutes to
get stoned, the movie about brian jones’ life and massacre/dead
at the ken cinema
on massacre read more on brianjonestownmassacre
(keep music evil)

so 10 minutes walking from my home, fast
and made it to ahhh stoned, the movie

the theatre was almost empty apart from 2 or 3 couples and i was the only person by herself there, in spite of the small audience, i am sure of one thing the ones there were either into music, or into the rolling stones, into brian jones, and well probably or merely just stoned

the movie was over all ok
here are some better-than-in-my words reviews
san francisco chronicle review of stoned
greenwich village gazette review of stoned

one funny thing was that there was no rolling stones music at all on the film
which i really didn’t mind, since the music was ok after all, some jefferson airplane
among others etc.

the characters of keith richards and mick jagger
are secondary on the film as many other rolling stones facts
over all the stones are portrayed during their starting days

critics don’t seem to agree with this point of view of the director
but i thought it was great
after all we do know too much about the rolling stones
who really cares about them anymore, they are creepy and old and have way too much money

and the movie was supposed to be about brian and his dead anyway
not really about the rolling stones
i thought i was even charming to make them appear like that (briefly and young)
o believe me they even seem cute (keith and mick) and they are NOT!

although i will say that the scenes of brian and friends on drugs
and musical events were truly good!
like a very good video very well done
way better than the crappy videos you see in MTV these days
in that the director did a great job

also if you happen to be a man or a fervent admirer of women physical beauty then you must see the lovely actress playing anita, wow that is what i call a hyper-hot woman, blonde, long-legged and with a face that will turn on even my catholic god

so the movie was ok
and we at kensington were at 9.50

ah the best part of the movie, was leo gregory
as brian jones
a superb acting! must say!

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