Monday, April 10, 2006


and wrote this long ago (below the photo)
and was found today (not sure if i sent it to a friend or not)
not sure of many things but not too worried either on them
thing flowing small pieces gathering on the air
this trio below came together
morrisey the flaming lips t.s. eliot (no wonder why the train of thought)
triotrouble, at my working desk

quotidian trivial events –this commonplace
teas, stairs, photos, cafe –others, as well
recollections –of every-day

all of all –eye-recording
next step –followed to heart arrived the head
soul footage –revised
throughout reason –rounded on pain
now-and-then good to add also a pinch –of happiness

transformed and cleaned out –reality edited
dissolved by these senses –mine
required –closer recyclability
to re-play –again otra-vez
ready now –smells more of home
a rambled depiction –in the wake of a second, the next

since very fixated on quick fixes –lately these days
felt –since viewed
re-played –at all times
a color, those smells –right after write of them
replayed – not just once
abut of my eye
the right one –only, and first
later the left one –afterward, then

that orange however –came out not the same
lukewarm at me –one time
iced for you –as been detailed

replay replayed –at all times
fear –can overlook now
since compulsively –replayed
blessed disruption –the write-down
the scrutinize –as lungfuls-of-air
go in and go out –of my chest
bringing more colors –newer tastes, fresher smells

beeeeep –ala computer style
save this file? –no, just farewell
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