Saturday, April 01, 2006

saturday nor daily

it seems did it make it
strong coffee
and a late morning

those sort
of connections
de café
and inventions
that was what about
i was talking

o saw last night
stoned the movie
stoned at 9.50
damn photos i can’t download
freaking procrastination
since december
crippled computer

anyway the movie
was ok
more on it later
still didn’t cure me
from insomnia
if nothing

here saturday before noon
so it is officially morning
slept 3 hrs
for what is worth it

now into caffeine
and disgraces resplendent
with the sun of the south
of this california

don’t tell me on
geographical compartment
the desert is close

and middle of the days
still happen

to walk in the sun cold
while time’s clicking
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