Wednesday, January 09, 2008


the feeling of today
worried, uneasy
at my own home

a strange episode last night
and i was reminded of the fragility of life

just as i was feeling settled again here
with mister/herr/señor Kiyo who is back at home!
and his new friend meine luminous Eidechse...

Kiyo, his mirror, and his new luminous friend Eidechse

and then some episodes
you just don't see them coming
accidents, and other violent matters
occur just like that

and to confess, i am afraid
the quintessential German word
die Angst
takes over my dorsal spine
one vertebrae at the time

as related the story of last night
episode's this morning, came to my mind
this scene from
"The Night of the Hunter"

"It's a hard world for little things..."

creepy, but an excellent film
from 1955, don't miss it!
Robert Mitchum as the bad guy...

Kiyo and his traveling house
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