Friday, January 25, 2008

strange Friday und schlecht gelaunt

this day went all over the place

started a nice Friday
on the high-side
getting tickets for Coachella 2008!
and the idea of a wonderful visitor

all was fine.
in spite of my fish sickness
it was midday and the sun shined a little

but then all started to come down

this controversial monstrous machine
of communication that we humans have built
the internet
brought me unpleasant surprises
this internet that has provided hours of joy
and valuable human information exchange
has many times gave me doubts
and reminds me of old pains...
has come back with its bitter taste
just a 'whatever' feeling about it

and anyway, i have worse problems
than this feeling of doubt and bad mood
with my little sick fish
and the guilt of if trying to cure him
or to let him go
the euthanasia question raises in my mind
in such a little specimen such a little fish
but still a reflection of the entity we all
living beings are
then and again when i see my fish suffering
how long to see if he gets better shall i wait?

and how much shall i trust in my luck again?

2008 started swell
but something on the air that night
told me this will be an intense year
i don't read the stars properly and my
pretentious astrology words and knowledge is null

but i am a woman
so i believe in instincts and "corazonadas"
in auguries, and femenine presages
in Weissagung, die Ahnung...

i am a woman and we have a chip installed
for those things...

boredom die Langeweile
the root of some many human tragedies
but... what when one can't play?

that 2008 would be a wonderful year
but in an intense sort of way
with high-highs but to be
aware of low-lows

seems that the action of life
and for so on of death
are in full motion
these days

it's magic it's life
it's jealousy and it's love
it's the beauty and the horror mixed
but, isn't that the way they come
always together anyway?
entrancing one with the other
like two twisted lovers when they don't know
if the other one has come to an end...

but i end on a bad mood this Friday
and my fish is still sick
so... f**k!
the 1st one of 2008
and notice i am so web-polite
that prefer the use of *
to spell it all out

i am part of the problem
i know! keine solution from me

and to end it all
for better nor/or worse
the word of the day
yesterday was
nolens volens
sounds like a joke
a bad one!
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