Monday, January 14, 2008

too much Baumkuchen?

not sure if one can have much of this
wonderful german cake

oh baumkuchen!

but i ate almost a whole 1
this weekend and then
and i was so lazy!
couldn't and didn't
do too much for 2 whole days
initiative abandoned me
and if any appeared
was just to call for more

mmm? took over my will
the darn great cake

and strange...
'cause then at the touch
of caffeine this Monday morning

i had a free-way drive
full of epiphanies
yellow epiphanies over
dark gray freeway 15 pavement

colors and rays of light
as i drove

crumbs, and sweets, and breads
to exchange for your soft real embrace

gray pavement
and more yellow lights
as i will drive again

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