Saturday, January 19, 2008

Sábado, step-by-step

mein Samstag in zwölf Schritten
my Saturday in twelve steps
my Sábado en doce pasos

1. an early visitor - loud singing bird

2. my neighbor's cat, britney, she visits me on the weekends and seats at the front steps of my door

3. britney trying to sneak into my house, again...

4. early blooming in the entrance little plants, an early spring?

5. new leaf of a little plant i rescued in 2007, it's growing!

6. my new tea warmer arrived in a very neat box

7. peppermint cut leaf organic tea and black ceylon pettiagalla

8. another little bird - outside my kitchen window having his Nektar-Mittagessen

9. time for the new tea warmer test

10. und später... a second tea warmer test

11. finished reading Carlos Ruiz Zafón's 'Marina'

12. and the book, even though is in Spanish, came all the way from here with me
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