Wednesday, January 16, 2008

old lady shoes

meine alte Jungfer schuhe

i got these shoes while my mom was here
this past December 2007
she, or we, were in the frenzy x-mas shopping
the shoes were on sale!
really cheap for some fake liz clairbone shoes
not that i care for brands but i do like the nice NOT leather
and nice built on a pair of shoes
they were my size
and the most important part
they are very comfortable for walking
and perfect fit for the office...

anyway, they were on sale
they were 'somehow' my style
flat, moccasin, black conservative shoe

but today, that i finally wore them for the 1st time
oh, they really look old-fashioned...
and i know i am getting to be an old-lady
reading Agatha Christie mysteries and
crackling laugh... but
damn looking at my feet today with the old-lady shoes
and these gray tights, really made me feel
like an old lady, but a happy silly one

i always figured i could end up
like one of these ladies that like mysteries
like legendary Miss Marple
or at least like Jessica Fletcher!
the "Murder, she wrote"
by Angela Lansbury
i would be flattered if i do!!
oh my role models heh heh

by now just at least
i already have
1. the old-fashioned detective literary taste
2. the old maid shoes

what's next?
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