Wednesday, May 06, 2009

posting via e-mail, a photo and a soul song

i found this feature
posting via e-mail
just checking if it works

and with an attachment too
this old photo
a man meditating in Ocean Beach

i wonder where the e-mail
is going to attach the photo
in which position and size on the page

this happened, the man meditating episode
in what it seems
a long time ago...

where does the time...
all together go?

since i became 40
i seem to be able to hear
the time slipping by
every second, somehow
i feel the transitory/brief
state of life

i think i feel like this
'cause i enjoy the birds
and looking for the lost cats
i enjoy the sun, the light,
the early mornings with coffee
and the late nights with books

even if i am calmer lately
and i don't talk much or go outside
i do enjoy more life
and i feel it's brief
'cause i don't want to die
i do now realize
i like to be alive
i'd like to last for a while now
but without changes
just an eternal afternoon
seated on my patio outside
alone, with birds chirping
cats walking by
soft breeze on my face
and a Haruki Murakami book
with an endless story
a book that as i turn pages
seems to always grow...
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