Tuesday, May 12, 2009

of skunks and homemade music

it seems that i am making friends with
Pepe Le Pew, this little mister skunk
he's one of the three who live next door
sometimes i see two of them, or one at the time
they come around for cat leftover food and seeds that
from the bird feeder, lately, i've been sharing
scraps of food, left overs of fruit and veggies
since they are messy eaters, when i saw this red little
double dish at Target for only 0.89 ¢, i bought it
and mister Pepe Le Pew, he seems to like it!
and every night they are a little less afraid of me
just hoping they won't spray me!, but it seems
that we are becoming friends

and along with the discovery of this stinky friendship
last night came too this great homemade music
that my friend perro found on FAWM.org
February Album Writing Month

now this is a very cool website where 'amateur'
musicians composed & upload an album in just one month
and this is a short month too! being February it

perro (as Looprication) composed a great album
a wonderful piece of electronic heaven/mess
some tracks have some obscure great lyrics
click on the link below to listen to his songs
Songs for the Darkness, Songs for the Dawn

and yesterday he gave me a copy
of these duo that have a set of clever, ironic,
soulful, superb lyrics, with a very fresh sound
and music
worth checking them out!
Ben & Petie
every song is a jewel

and to think, this is only some
homemade music...
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