Tuesday, March 13, 2007

greek mountain tea

for me is one or two cups of coffee in the morning
but the rest of the day, tea!
all kinds: black, herbal, green, rooibos
a co-worker introduced me a couple of days ago
to an unknown tea for me, the Greek Mountain tea

below from different web-sites
interesting facts on it
it tastes fresh and herb-like
and it seems to be very good for you
here here

Mountain Tea is enormously popular in Greece, and used most often in winter when levels of physical activity decrease and colds, aches, and pains increase. It is said to have a positive effect on almost anything that ails but, most notably, it is used for colds, respiratory problems, digestion, the immune system, mild anxiety, and as an anti-oxidant. It is also used as an anti-inflammatory and to reduce fever.

more here

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