Friday, March 02, 2007

mushroom soup

There is people with beady eyes
There is people with big heads

There is people with open-hearts
There is people stubborn like hell
(my case)

The question is
what have you become as today?

Have you?…
Beady eyes?
An Open mind?
Do you own a small or big head?
Or are you, like me, sometimes scared like hell?

Are you the black sheep of the family or the nice guy?

Are you similar to the idea you had of yourself as an adult when you were just a kid?

when I was a child I used to imagine how I would be when I grow up
I am rather different… but so it is life, the perception I had of it

the unexpected results of adult life
time transforms us in ourselves
As I am sure we’ll be different in the future of what we have planned ahead

In the meantime, I find out who I will become
And all of my dearest friends,
When the years come over, rolling up on us...
I make some mushroom soup

Preparing the aliments
A heartening timeless human activity
Enduring, as few things are in life
While contemplating the textures of vegetables
Their colors their smells
Life floats again
Steams fills out the kitchen
The aroma of life boiling there…

not to miss the 70's soundtrack, ha!
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