Sunday, March 18, 2007

give ice-cream a chance!

today was a nice quiet day
it was very cloudy
just saw a shy attempt of sunlight
for about 1 hr

yet it was peaceful and nice
i was able to go for a longer walk
went to mitsuwa (japanese grocerie store)
and ate at the little restaurant at front
a mini-beef bowl w/pickled veggies and rice

i got 2 packages of tea bags at the store
and some seaweed salad to go
(i love that stuff)

then in reward for my long walk
and for surviving a hell of a busy week at work
i got myself an ice-cream cone
the waffle kind (miss d advice)
with strawberry ice-cream
from the store a block away from my home
it is natural ice-cream and the store is famous in San Diego
Mariposa Ice-Cream is the name of the place
is decorated with The Beatles paraphenalia
posters of Jhon, Paul, Ringo, George
and records, etc.
a charm of a place!
and was voted best home-made ice-cream in San Diego in 2005
please watch this video here & then click on "watch the video" under the photo to the right
it is great! the owners are 60's childs :)
another ice-cream cone
here what somebody wrote on this great place that is just one block from my house

Who could have guessed that hippies and ice cream made a perfect match?

Well, I suppose lots of people could have, but who could have guessed that hippies would have it together enough to actually open and maintain a store? These hippies do, and god bless'em for it. Lots of different flavors, homemade cones, and friendly people.

Sunday and a foto of a day ago
the kitchens are also a magical place of any home
or at least i think so...

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