Sunday, July 08, 2007

realization # 63

while the minutes of
my modest life pass by
I think of my existence
The things I do
The decisions I make
The thoughts my soul fights
Are usually seen, felt, semi-digested
lived, and sometimes just barely survived
From the point view of
A non specific gender being
a simple human being, without sexual characteristics
I don’t think of myself all the time as
a woman… and of course even less a man!
certainly not a dog, nor a cat or a plant...
a general-breathing thing, and that's it

And not very sure why
I feel that
the point of being a woman
in my case…
is to be able to be one
without being self-conscious about it

not often
but when this little mental state
comes about my feminine heart
is a bliss!
i go wow!!!, i am one of those...
no wonder i go crazy now & then (smile)
and then a woman, I am…

seems that this fact that has always been more evident
to the rest of the world
than for this self holder of the womanly problem

and also refreshing is to know
that we all have or times of non-gender definition
aside those times when the specific characteristics are involved

also it would be really helpful
for my personal development
if I could remember what the other 62 realizations
apparently i had before this one were,
and or at least what the heck they were about...

& here this woman’s favorite Tom Waits song...
either forward all his silly jokes (i like them but...)
or wait for the main performance 'cause it is superb!
and rather different from the original version
that i know...

another 24 minutes of my life
in this blog
is that right? or is that wrong?
i don't think it matters after all
(final & good night smile)
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