Friday, July 06, 2007

3:30 am: time for onions & honey?

damn again!
3.30 am and i can't sleep
this cough!
i have slept probably just 1 hr since 11pm
the ear infection is getting better
but now this cough attacks won't let me sleep
ah! so tired of being sick

i found a home-made recipe for cough syrup
honey, thyme, and onions
heated on mild warmth
and to get to the natural remedies since i already used
my inhaler enough times
i cannot exceed 2 puffs every 4 hrs
since it might cause rapid heart beat
i am also an asthmatic person
so the flow of oxygen to my lungs is not quite right

so 3.50 am by now but...
it is definitively much better to seat here & write
than to turn & twist on my bed while coughing
my lungs out

usually cough is the last step of a harsh cold
so hopefully this will be the end of this sickness
tomorrow, well, in a couple of hours
i have another doctor's appointment
to check my ear, and well, now this damn cough

so here i seat
chewing raw onions with honey
and thyme
while i type
and i dream of a good night sleep
maybe another night, as it seems

the onion picture is from a while ago
i was amazed that from an already-cut onion
that i have stored for a while
a new little onion was being born!
such is the power of life

and also a picture of the "remedy"
the herbs are thyme
surprisingly, it doesn't taste bad
or maybe i am just that desperate
for a cure now...

oh sweet sleep won't come tonight
or it comes
but then another cough attack scares it away again
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