Monday, July 02, 2007

abelardo morell photography

one of my preferred photographers
abelardo morell, american born in Cuba
his work has inspired me many years ago
his work is remarkable!
not to miss the link above
all his work is rather interesting

this photo, in a little version
wooden frame used to be by my bed
now is by the bathroom's door
it looks so familiar to me now!
i see it many times per day...

a strange weekend, moody & hot
throat sickness and black moods around
so tired and hard to focus while feeling sick
there are fire alarms all around southern california
san diego is under a heat wave that increases the chance of wild fires
not nice!

yet... a little light of a smile tonight
i check my calendar, and...
just another 14 days
time where have you gone?
where do you always hide?
that we count you and never come out equal
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