Thursday, July 12, 2007

i won't be watching for pigs on the wing

I finally was able to exercise again
After over 12 days of sickness
And by now 7 days of antibiotics
And an ear still hurting now & then
I decided to stretch myself and take
A yoga class
Ah relaxing!

And I keep on thinking how
Beethoven of me is to get deaf on one ear with an infection
Before going to Deutschland...
But today I was able to listen a bit again

So, now I come to one big inquiry!
What music to select to survive 4.30 hrs
And then 8hrs, trapped on an airplane
Rather a crusade
Since a bit claustrophobic I could get…
Up to the point that I got prescription
From the doctor, just in case

So, planes I love and flight
But the small space and the people getting so close together
If the plane would be almost empty
Would be nicer, or if instead of people
Were some dogs or cats…
My train of thought to select
What’s is not people?
Then? To listen to

Well dogs are not people
Nor sheep, nor pigs
Oh but
Dogs, pigs, sheep
Yeah animals!
Pink floyd
That was easy
And the best option I could’ve ever think of!
Since I think it might be my favorite
Pink Floyd album
Now I can fly in peace
And so smiling wide
Tonight I am
Tired and sore
And with an ear not a 100% OK
But… but but, ah!

And also I found this original TV commercial
For the “LP”

and this one too!
and i won't be watching for pigs on the wing

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