Friday, May 11, 2007

mi madre es una rock star!

May 10
is mother's day in Mexico

my mom just came back
to Autlán from New York
so I was able to talk to her
& congratulate her widely
-since my mouth's so wide ;)
she likes to travel!
and she's a great intelligent woman
she cannot read these words
because i don't think she knows about this blog
i hope not!
'cause otherwise, & if she read some of the posts
she might want to send me away to a mental institution
at least for a couple of days
or cut me off her inheritance heh heh
some things are better off the hands of your family

i am thankful to have such a wonderful & beautiful mother
here in this picture from April 2007
and wow!!! my mother became 60 this year
and she still looks great!
like a Rock-Star!

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