Saturday, May 12, 2007

foot-kissing or toe-sucking?

here a couple of wonderful sentences
that mister Julian Barnes wrote on his
short stories book The Lemon Table

he is talking:
19th Century people versus us!
the 21th Century generation
our perception of love and sex
and he says about...

"If we know more about consummation;
they knew more about desire.

If we know more about numbers;
they knew more about despair.

If we know more about boasting;
they knew more about memory.

They had foot-kissing;
we have toe-sucking.

You still prefer our side of the equation?
You may well be right.

Then try a simpler formulation;

if we know more about sex;
they knew more about love."

and i wonder?
in which side are you of the equation?
you can share here, or just think about it yourself

...& smile while you are at it
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